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Wale Olaleye

Ruby on Rails Developer & Consultant

Rails Fever LLC

Philadelphia PA USA

Motto: Always Deliver 110%

Email: hello@railsfever.com


I'm a Ruby on Rails Expert, Software Developer and Consultant. I specialize in developing software for SaaS companies generating 1-5 million USD revenue.

I've been in business since 2013 during which I've developed a reputation as a reliable technical partner to various CEOs and Founders across USA.


Fractional Software Development

Do you need a dedicated Ruby on Rails developer for a set number of weekly hours?

I'm available to fill the gap in your software development team. This service includes project planning, weekly meetings, feature development and bug fixes.

Rails Upgrade

Are you several versions behind the current Rails version? Would you like a reliable expert to help upgrade your system without crippling your business?

Your old Rails app may appear to be working fine on the surface, but beneath that it is suffering from security vulnerabilities, and is unmaintainable. This will eventually affect your business negatively.

Reach out to discuss how I can upgrade you to the latest Rails version then keep you up to date every year.

Long Term Support

These are just a few examples of issues you may experience with your SaaS business. Do you have someone responsible, reliable and intelligent enough to handle such crisis? Better yet do you have someone experienced enough to prevent your system from experiencing a crisis?

If you answered no to any of those questions, book a meeting with me ASAP to discuss how to protect your business.

Feature Development

Examples of features I deliver to my clients regularly

I have the experience needed to develop any software feature quickly. What do you need to build?


Rails Fever LLC came at a time we needed an immediate intervention due to a connectivity failure in our custom designed platform. We needed a swift diagnosis and solution.

Rails Fever (Wale and his team) delivered! They were prompt, competent, professional, accurate in their assessment and effective in their strategy, as well as reasonably priced. I would hire them again!

- Julie - Creator and Owner - Brave Writer

Wale is a wise, kind, and excellent software developer who brings maturity to a team. He pushes for communication where it's lacking, does the work that needs to be done, and I'm glad to have worked with him for the last three years.

- Jimmy - CTO/Partner - SuperCat Solutions

Wale consults with us at FloorsUSA.com to manage software development for our custom Ruby on Rails E-commerce platform. Given that we sell over 100,000 rugs on the site, the architecture and data management is quite complex and demanding.

Wale is a very talented Web developer who combines technical know-how with excellent organizational skills. He completes complicated tasks quickly and with minimal oversight, which is excellent for our small team.

As a result of his efficiency, Wale has successfully managed ongoing technical operations and software development affordably and predictably. On a personal level, Wale is a straight shooter, trustworthy and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him to any client.

- Yis Tigay - Founder & CEO - Synema

Wale took our software production process to a level that might never have been reached without him. He provided a constant open stream of communication between product owners and the development team that pushed our productivity forward and eliminated considerable prep work.

At our small startup Wale balanced managing our sprint and release flow to contributing as a Rails developer and improving our company strategy. He is the complete package.

- Lindsay Obar - Head of Sales - Blake Hill Preserves

I worked with Wale for several months managing software for a large client. I have seen him apply his strong technical and business sense to tackle software design problems and build great solutions.

He can manage the full stack, from fixing server issues on AWS, to writing great Ruby code, to dealing with front-end issues, I know I can trust Wale as a strong technical partner.

- Benjamin Greenberg - Platform Architect - Sonos Inc

I'm not a developer, but worked with Wale as a product team member for Subtext Media. What impressed me most about Wale was his ability to ask the right question at the right time - a question that got right to the heart of the decision we faced or the idea we were discussing.

He has that rare and invaluable ability to step back from a discussion and see it from a perspective that others are missing. And he communicates well with those of us who don't share his technical background, which makes him a great liaison between the technical and non-technical realms.

- Mark Travis - Product Owner - Subtext Media

Wale is an exceptional communicator and coach.

He is able to inspire transformation in team culture and draw out the best in each developer and the development team as a whole—using open and honest dialog, and drawing from his deep practical knowledge of many different development methodologies, informed by his significant experience as a developer.

If you are serious about getting the most out of your developers, hire Wale immediately!

- Christopher Milne - Senior Software Engineer - Precision Nutrition

I had the honor to work with Wale at Subtext Media, where he helped to guide our team by taking the lead on project management tasks while simultaneously contributing as a Rails developer.

Wale is a critical thinker who asks important questions.

During Wale's tenure, our team greatly improved its capacity for deliveries, established a reliable process for story point estimating, underwent a site-wide redesign, migrated to an entirely new database schema and countless other features and enhancements.

I will miss working with Wale. I recommend him to any engineering team.

- John Madson - Software Engineer III - Chewy

New Clients

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I work with a select group of Founders and CEOs that share my values. Reach out to discuss how we can work together. Email me: hello@railsfever.com.

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I've always been a tinkerer. As a child, I was known to take apart door handles and attempt to put them back together, with varying degrees of success. My parents quickly learned to hide screwdrivers from me!

I started tinkering with computers in the early 1990s, working with Microsoft Disk Operating System and floppy disks. During college I was invited to join a NASA program where I worked with Climate Scientist Jim Hansen, Gavin Schmidt and others. I learned the FORTRAN programming language which I applied to building climate models and supporting research.

In 2004 I graduated from the City University of New York with an Electrical Engineering degree. I started working at Micromuse as a Quality Assurance Engineer. I learned a lot about UNIX system administration and managing databases. I later joined IBM where I worked as a Test Automation Engineer using Perl and Java programming languages.

By 2010 I had gained experience as lead software engineer for various development teams. In 2013 I decided that working Independently was my best move personally and professionally. I learned the Ruby programming language and was infected with Rails Fever - a highly contagious paradigm shift in how to build modern web applications.

As Principal, Sales lead, Accountant, Bookkeeper and Chief Cook at Rails Fever, I've had the privilege of working with several SaaS companies that need a reliable Engineer to handle their technical needs. I enjoy being challenged, making the impossible a reality and playing a small but critical part in the success of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How big is your team?

In order to provide high quality and professional level service, I personally handle Ruby on Rails software development for my clients. I am connected to a network of experts that can assist as needed with special projects.

How much do you charge?

There are many factors that influence my pricing. A more important question is what is my price value ratio? This number cannot be quantified, it can only be experienced. A good way to experience this is by working on a trial project together. Why not email me at hello@railsfever.com so we can define what this looks like for your company?

I'm concerned you won't have enough time for my project

This is a valid concern, most of my clients have experienced availability and reliability issues with their developers / agencies. You won't experience this with me. I will schedule your project to ensure that I provide predictable availability.