Case Study: Resolving Performance Issues at Brave Writer LLC

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Brave Writer LLC, a prominent online education platform, approached Rails Fever LLC with a critical performance issue that had persisted for several weeks. The issue manifested as significant lags in their AWS system, adversely affecting user experience and impeding normal operations.

This issue became increasingly problematic, with users reporting slow response times and intermittent outages. The prolonged nature of the problem raised concerns within the organization, prompting them to seek external expertise to identify and resolve the underlying issues.


Wale, the founder of Rails Fever LLC, was brought in to investigate and rectify the performance issues. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Wale swiftly assembled a team and initiated a thorough examination of Brave Writer’s AWS environment.


The initial assessment identified potential database-related bottlenecks as the primary cause of the performance degradation. To delve deeper into the issue, Wale decided to bring on board a seasoned Database Administrator (DBA) with expertise in optimizing database configurations.

Collaboration with a Database Administrator

The DBA meticulously examined Brave Writer’s AWS RDS (Relational Database Service) configuration, scrutinizing indexes, query execution plans, and overall database health. The collaboration revealed several areas for improvement and misconfigurations that were contributing to increased latency.


With the diagnostic phase complete, Wale and the DBA collaborated to implement a comprehensive plan to address the identified issues. The resolution strategy included:

  1. Optimizing Database Configurations: Adjustments were made to the database configuration parameters to align them with best practices and the specific needs of Brave Writer’s application.
  2. Performance Monitoring: Real-time monitoring tools were deployed to track the system’s performance continuously, ensuring that any anomalies could be swiftly addressed.
  3. Index Improvements: Proper indexing strategies were implemented to enhance data retrieval speed and minimize query execution times.
  4. Performance Monitoring: Real-time monitoring tools were deployed to track the system’s performance continuously, ensuring that any anomalies could be swiftly addressed.


The combined efforts of Wale and the DBA led to a remarkable turnaround. Within 24 hours of implementing the proposed changes, Brave Writer’s AWS system exhibited a significant improvement in performance. Users reported faster response times, and the intermittent outages ceased.

Key Takeaways

1.Swift Action: Wale’s prompt response to the performance issue showcased the importance of swift and decisive action in resolving critical system problems.

  1. Specialized Expertise: Collaborating with a Database Administrator proved instrumental in identifying and rectifying database-related issues that may have been challenging to address without specialized knowledge.

  2. Proactive Monitoring: The implementation of real-time monitoring tools ensures that any future performance issues can be detected and addressed proactively, minimizing the impact on users.


In conclusion, the successful resolution of Brave Writer LLC’s performance issues highlights the effectiveness of a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach.

Wale’s quick response, coupled with the expertise of a seasoned Database Administrator, not only addressed the immediate concerns but also laid the foundation for a more robust and resilient AWS infrastructure.

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