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Creative ideas

We take time to think deeply about your business and always deliver creative solutions. Ready for a mind melding session?

Excellent Planning

Good planning leads to great execution. Our projects start with a clear Road Map validated by you.

Cost Effective

We promise to help you make a 2X return plus more on every dollar you spend on us.

Quick Execution

Because we only use the best tools in the industry, we deliver great results at lightning speed. Let's pen your launch party on our calendar.

We will always tell you the truth – not just what you want to hear. Over the years, we have helped clients meet their business objectives by aligning technical initiatives with business goals.

Our primary responsibility to your business is to help you exercise good judgment when investing your critical development dollars. As stewards of your investment, we execute with diligence and clear focus on business objectives.

Software Development 95%

Project Management 85%

Agile Methods83%

Quality Assurance90%

Well crafted Code. Zero Fluff

What we do?


Flexibility built in

From multiple team members to individual lone rangers, we have the ability to grow and shrink to your business needs. There is no lock-in, we make you happy while we have you, and help you transition once it's time to move on.

Web Development

Custom web development tailored to your business. We get you up and running in no time.


Our clients include established online shops selling 100,000 products. Let us plan, build and optimize your online store to outsell the competition.

Digital Marketing

Reach your customers through email and text messaging. Communicate, send coupons, generate repeat sales. Integrate these systems with your website and make data driven decisions.

A/B Testing

You don't know what you don't know. What if changing one page could raise your revenue? We help you find out with world class A/B testing.

Mobile Web

Make sure your website looks great on all devices. Get the team that applies the latest techniques in responsive design.

UI/UX Design

Beautiful design that works and fits your business like a glove.

Dev Ops

Imagine your code deployment time reduced from 3 hours to 30 seconds. We have done this for our clients, and will be happy to fix you up. We help you ship more code in less time, go ahead and meet that deadline.

Application Monitoring

Get our Uptime 365 service and say goodbye to down-times, breakdowns and server headaches.


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Our work


Floors USA is a large online store specialized in selling luxury flooring. Before coming to us, this company struggled with overseas developers. Development costs were skyrocketing and results were low. Over several months of engagement, we partnered with Floors USA to deliver technical solutions focused on improving their business processes. Within 3 months of hiring us, software defects were reduced by 30%. Two times more features were completed and development costs went down by 25%.

Education Tech

21PSTEM works directly with USAID to advance education initiatives worldwide. We worked directly with their customers to completely revamp a aging web application that manages school data. Our UI team provided a functional mobile ready design that works on all devices. Furthermore, we added new software features, reduced code deployment to 30 seconds and installed a network firewall. The result was a 50% increase in customer satisfaction, enabling the organization to attract more funding.


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